A video of a poem by J.S. Blackie about the legend of Merlin and Kentigern.

The poem was published in 1885 and is based on the 15th century Scotichronicon.

The locations used for the video are either named in the poem or connected to Merlin (Lailoken) through legends:

  • The thorn tree that sits where the Powsail and the Tweed meet (Merlin’s grave)
  • Hart Fell (Merlin’s Caledonian Forest landscape)
  • Broad Law Hill
  • The hills around Tweeddale and Peebleshire
  • The Tweed
  • Tinnis Castle Ruins above Drumelzier (where Merlin was imprisoned by Meldred)
  • The view from Dumbarton Rock, center of the kingdom of Strathclyde
  • The view from Liddel Strength, where the battle of Arderydd took place
  • Ettrick Marsh Forest
  • Drumelzier Kirk
  • Altarstane (where Merlin was given the sacraments)
  • Stained Glass at Stobo Kirk
  • Glasgow Cathedral (where Merlin wailed from a hill)
  • Hart Fell Spa (where Merlin drank the water and cured his madness)
  • Trahenna Hill
  • Kentigern/Mungo Stone Near Broughton
  • Hoddom Graveyard (originally founded by Kentigern)
  • Track leading to Merlin’s Thorn
  • Drumelzier Haugh (Merlin’s Grave Stone)