A video of a poem by J.S. Blackie about the legend of Merlin and Kentigern.

The poem was published in 1885 and is based on the 15th century Scotichronicon.

In Adam Ardrey’s book Finding Merlin: the truth behind the legend, the reader is told categorically that although it is documented clearly that Merlin met Mungo in 580 where the Pausayl Burn met the River Tweed in Drumelzier, he is not buried there, nor did he have a triple death.

Finding Arthur: the true origins of the once and future king

by Adam Ardrey


QUESTS appear to be very popular at the moment with much attention given to 'The Da Vinci Code.' Rosslyn Chapel features prominently in this novel and is well worth a visit, advocated by Dan Brown or not. As a family we have always been interested in quests for mythological figures such as Arthur and Merlin and have spent holidays looking around Shropshire and Cornwall trying to find traces of these legends in today's landscape. Little did we think that, settling in the Scottish Borders, we would find a fair amount of evidence to support the fact that Merlin lived close to us at Merlindale.