The following is taken from the book by James Watson, Peeblesshire and its Outland Borders, published in 1908.  

All these farms and Hawkshaw, were for nearly two hundred years tenanted by Hopes.   John Hope of Badlieu, who lived in the last half of the seventeenth century, is the earlies known member of the family.   They were all ardent Covenanters, as was to be expected, from their living beside the high mountains , with their precipitious rocks, concealed caves, and water cleft ravines, which gave shelter to many of the fugitivies who had fled from the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.   The Hopes, Hunters of Polmood, Tweedies of Hearthstane and Kingledors, and the Welshes of Corehead and Mossfennan seem to have intermarried frequently; but few of their male descendants are left to witness to their prevalence here.

My genealogical research has revealed the presence of six Hope families in the parish from the eighteenth century to their disappearance from the parish records in modern times.    Links to the six family trees follow, namely of - Hope of Hawkshaw (TWM-01),  Hope of Tweedsmuir & Lamington (TWM-02),  Hope-Bell of Fruid (TWM-03)  Hope of Glenbreck (TWM-04), Hope of Nether Menzion (TWM-05) and Hope of Nether Oliver (TWM06).   Because of the above is is probable that most or even all of the six families are related.   The earliest Hope that I have so far unearthed is John Hope of Hawkshaw 1693-1778.   This John must be the son or grandson of Hope the Covenanter of Hawkshaw. 


Tony Hope