In July/August 1980, The Upper Tweed Community News carried, a lengthy quotation about Tweeddale from Alexander Pennecuik’s 1715 book A Geographical Historical Description of the Shire of Tweeddale with a Miscelany and Curious Collection of Select Scottish Poems .

Pennecuik (1652-1722) was a physician, botanist, land-owner,  author and poet. His book contained this description of the inhabitants of Tweeddale:

‘The air of Tweeddale is pure, and well perfect, which makes its inhabitants lively, and put off to a greater age than elsewhere, especially in the parishes of Newlands and Eddlestoun. Few cripples or crook backs are to be seen in this country; but the inhabitants for the most part are strong, nimble and well-proportioned, both sexes promiscuously being conspicuous for as comely features as any other country in the kingdom, but would the meaner sort take a little more pains to keep their bodies and dwellings neat and clean, which is too much neglected among them, and pity it is to see a clear complexion and lovely countenance appear with so much disadvantage through the foul disguise of smoke and dirt.’