Anna Buchan (1877-1948) and James Walter Buchan (1882 - 1954)

The dedication at the beginning of Buchan's biography of Julius Caesar is to "Aircraftsman T. E. Shaw".  This is Lt. Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence CB DSO (1888-1935)  (Lawrence of Arabia).

Transcribed from the bibliography in the Volunteer’s Handbook at the John Buchan Heritage Museum.

1875 John Buchan was born at Perth on 26th August. His father also John Buchan (1847-1911) was a Minister in the Free Church of Scotland. His mother was Helen Masterton from Broughton (1857-1937).In November 1875 the family moved to Pathhead in Fife.

Buchan's books include many references to food but the subject of ham/eggs and also to ham by itself and also bacon is prominent.   Did his diet preclude these items?

Few people in Tweeddale are aware that 100 years ago the author John Buchan became the prospective Unionist Party candidate for Peeblesshire and Selkirkshire – the ‘united counties’. The Unionist Party did not formally unite with the Conservative Party in Scotland until 1912, but had close association with it; it was particularly committed to fighting ‘Home Rule’ for Ireland, one of the huge issues dominating politics in Westminster in the early twentieth century.

Buchan wrote over one hundred books and hundreds of articles. His literary output ranged widely, from his well-known thrillers to children's books, romances, biographies, poetry, anthologies, fantasy and short stories.  For a list of his books see Chronological Bibliography page.  There were several Unified Editions of his works published by Nelsons in Edinburgh.  These comprised of 30 volumes including novels, biographies, short stories and poetry.  The following are snippets about some of his books that have interested me.

Some thoughts on why John Buchan chose the name of Hannay for the hero of his adventure stories.

Why did John Buchan choose the title of Tweedsmuir for his honour when he was appointed Governer General of Canada in 1935?

Apart from his degrees at Glasgow and Oxford Universities John Buchan obtained Honourary Degrees from many others.